Datto EDR and Datto AV data retention policies

Certain limits apply to the amount of time that endpoint records are retained by Datto EDR and Datto AV following the scan of a host. This article describes those thresholds.

NOTE  To learn about the information that our platform collects during a survey, refer to Datto EDR and Datto AV data collection and storage policies. For more details about how our agent surveys your environment, review our Datto EDR and Datto AV FAQs. To review information about access control within Datto EDR and Datto AV, refer to Datto EDR and Datto AV access control.

Record types and retention periods


Hot alerts: You can see all alerts created in the last 30 days from within the platform.

Cold storage: You can leverage the API to review any alerts older than 30 days and less than one year.

Retention policies

Type Retention
  • 14 days

  • 90 days

  • Hot: 30 days

  • Cold: 1 year

  • 90 days